Welcome to INS Market
Welcome to INS Market, your ultimate destination for convenience with your choice of healthy snacks, beverages, confectionary, lottery, mobile accessories & more. Our stores are strategically placed in easily accessible locations like hospitals, stations, malls & streets. Whether you’re looking for a quick stop on your daily commute or need to grab something on-the-go, we have got you covered. We value your time and want to ensure that you can find what you need. We look forward to serving you and being a part of your daily regime.

The INS Market Difference

Prepared food that is quick, easy and good to go. PATTIES | NOODLES | SLUSHIES | AND MORE
Healthier Options Welcome to the INS Better for You Market Place where you can enjoy healthier alternatives…quickly and conveniently. Snacks, fresh food and refreshments that are healthier, smarter and better for you. WHOLESOME TREATS | FRESH FRUIT | NUTRITIOUS CHOICES

Franchise Opportunities

INS Market / International News

 High Profile Retailer of Modern Convenience
 Versatile Concept Easily Adapts to Spaces
 Growing Franchises Internationally
Contact Farhan Absar at 647-919-0645 for Franchise Opportunities.

Where to Find Us

INS Market has over 120 stores internationally

 Office complexes
 Colleges & universities
 Street locations
An additional 20-30 stores are planned per year including possible acquisitions.
Contact 905 826 0862 ext. 270 or Farhan Absar at 647-919-0645 for Franchise Opportunities.